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2 Types Of Irish Moss? Know Which One Dr. Sebi Is Referring

2 Types Of Irish Moss? Know Which One Dr. Sebi Is Referring

2 Types Of Irish Moss? Know Which One Dr. Sebi Is Referring

2 types of Irish sea moss. What is the real one? Sea moss is the true earth health product. Did you know that the variety of sea moss available all over the world can make a good rainbow color? There are just so many kinds out there. More so, each kind has its variation. Scientifically, there are thousands of sea moss in the world

Extra right?

You might feel like how I was a few months ago. Floating in the Sea of sea moss.

Sea moss, as in Dr. Sebi’s sea moss, has been greatly popularized over the past year. But, sea moss, in general, has already been known to many people. It is just that there are thousands of varieties that there is no specific or heavily studied single sea moss.

Each part of the world has its special kind of sea moss. But not, all sea moss is created equal. Some are more abundant while others need more caring. There is some sea moss that is just fishier than the other.

What we have here is just to clarify what is the sea moss that made Dr. Sebi fall on his knees.

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Types of Irish sea moss

Who is Dr. Sebi?

 Alfredo Bowman known as Dr. Sebi was a pathologist, naturalist, and herbalist. He is an ardent researcher of natural plant life. He spent time studying the plants and herbs of the Americas.

While we can be skeptical about who Dr. Sebi is, we cannot deny that his claims have some sense. Plus, he really does his homework on herbs! He got a whole lot of natural food methodology that does not just randomly claim effectiveness but has been tested.

Dr. Sebi’s naturalist approach to healing the human body was rooted in decades of experience. According to his biography, his more refined approach to healing began with what has been passed from his grandmother.

With many years of experience, Dr. Sebi was generous to share his understanding and findings of traditional herbs and vegetables. His office in the USHA research institute published a line of natural vegetable cell food compounds that can help cleanse the body. His special concoct claims to be specially made for inter-cellular cleansing and cellular revitalization.

His large on advocating “One must consume life – not Death – to maintain and sustain oneself.”

What got him so popular these days is his campaign on natural food including sea moss.

Dr. Sebi on Sea Moss

It is the food that literally got him on his knees. Not because he praises sea moss but to show how sea moss has strengthened his bones. Dr. Sebi explained that he can fall on his knees and not feel anything.

In one of the interviews with Dr. Sebi, he explained the benefit of sea moss.  Quoting Dr. Sebi, “Sea moss is phenomenal!”. Sea moss is not just a superfood for him but a “gift from God”.

But, this is the part where we can all get confused. About many of the previous talks, the sea moss he was referring to was Chrondus Crispus. Sea moss has grown on the rocky shores and lives off the rocks.

BUT! In one of his talks, this talk to be exact, he was holding a Genus Gracilaria.

This is why we are confused. These two subjects of confusion are not that far from each other. Even their nutritional value is somehow related, just some add and minus some benefits from here and there.

Although the very obvious difference between the two is that they are from different sources. One is commonly known as Jamaican, which practically means, it grew on warmer waters. While the other is Irish, which means it is sourced from colder waters.

2  Types of Irish Sea Moss?

Are you getting confused now? Let’s backtrack a little, there is currently two popular sea moss in the market both are called Irish moss or Irish sea moss. Although both are Irish sea moss, they have different scientific names:

  1. Chrondus Crispus
  2. Genus Gracilaria

Another reason for the mixed-up may be because some companies use Irish Moss to label their sea moss for advertising’s sake. It may be just a pure coincidental mistake since they are from the same red algae family. Which also adds to our piling confusion.

Can we just buy any sea moss and be done with it? Actually yes, since most sea moss has almost the same properties but if you want to get the sea moss that is most suitable for you, the one that you will actually be eating what you think you are eating, then continue reading.

What is Chrondus Crispus?

What you know as Irish sea moss is Chrondus Crispus. Shocking? Not really. It is the purple-colored sea moss you have been buying off the market. Chrondus Crispus has more fan-like shape leaves on it compared to the strand-like leaves of Genus Gracilaria.

Where To Find This Kind Of Sea Moss?

It got its name from where it is locally grown. It usually grows in the colder water on the rocky shores of the Atlantic. To be specific these are shores in Europe and North America. Its color range from greenish to golden yellow, through red, to a dark purple or purplish-brown.

Irish sea moss also has a great significance to the Irish people because, well, sea moss saved them from the potato famine. They also used Irish moss for cough elixir.

where to buy sea moss product

types of Irish sea moss

What’s More?

It is also speculated that the Irish moss of the Caribbean is the local Jamaican sea moss but is confused with Chrondus Crispus that was previously brought by colonizers. But that’s for another story.

While Irish sea moss is a more popular name in the market, Purple Irish sea moss is actually produced in lesser quantity than Genus Gracilaria.  It has slower growth and is also less dense compared to its Caribbean counterpart.

One downside of this sea moss is it is relatively fishier than the Genus Gracilaria. Although when processed well, Irish moss actually becomes almost smell-less.

Other Name Of This Type of Irish Sea Moss

Aside from purple sea moss and Irish Sea Moss, Chrondus Crispus is also known as Carrageenan Moss because carrageenan constitutes 55% of its dry mass. What is carrageenan? Learn more if you haven’t still heard of carrageenan.

Summary of names

  1. Chrondus Crispus
  2. Carrageenan Moss
  3. Irish Sea Moss
  4. Irish Moss

What is Genus Gracilaria?

Genus Gracilaria is a sea moss originating from the Caribbean or more specific in Jamaica. It is strand-like and more golden yellow. If you have seen Dr. Sebi’s videos, the sea moss he was referring to may actually be this sea moss. May, yes, may, because Dr. Sebi never got to verify this. Here just clues that this may be it,

  1. He mentioned the Caribbean
  2. He said “strand-like”
  3. He mentioned rocky shores

Genus Gracilaria is more high yielding than Irish moss. It is a “macroalgae group with more than 300 species of which 160 have been accepted taxonomically”. [1]

Where To Find This Kind Of Sea Moss?

 While Irish sea moss grows in colder waters, Jamaican sea moss is a local of the sunny Caribbean, and other tropical waters like those in:

  1. Asia
  2. South America
  3. Africa, and
  4. Ocean

What’s More?

This sea moss has been a popular libido elixir to many local people. Dr. Sebi also points out that sea moss helped him with his fertility. Although there are still limited studies on Genus Gracilaria, experiences of locals with the use of it have been recorded over the decades.

Other Names Of This Type of Irish Sea Moss

Genus Gracilaria is also known as purple sea moss but more specifically as Jamaican purple sea moss. This is because this variety also has a range of colors similar to Chrondus Crispus.

There is also an unpopular but locally used name: Irish Moss. One reason for this is because of the influences of colonizers on the islands. Another, because it is popular that many people generalized all sea moss as Irish Moss

There is also a variety that looked red-purple to brown purple type gaining a name Purple Jamaican Sea Moss or Jamaican Purple Irish Moss.

Summary of names

  1. Genus Gracilaria
  2. Irish Moss
  3. Purple Jamaican Sea Moss
  4. Jamaican Purple Irish Moss

The OG Irish Sea Moss

Given this, we can now slowly debunk what is the real Irish sea moss. It is not the color that matters because each sea moss has a wide range of colors.

Instead of colors, what you need to look at is the leafy parts of the moss.

Irish Sea Moss Jamaican Sea Moss
Leaf Fan-like Blade-like

Irish Sea Moss can be considered as the real Irish moss in scientific terms. But, if you want to follow what Dr. Sebi was promoting, you should choose the Jamaican Sea Moss.

Remember, not the color but the leaves

If you can’t still decide which one to buy, read further to know more about the benefits of each sea moss.

Benefits of Sea Moss

The health benefits of sea moss for us are just countless. Sea moss is a true earth health product. It is natural and is widely accepted as whole food. What’s more, sea moss is very versatile. It can be used as a food additive, so as topical gels (which we will talk about too in the latter part).

The sea moss benefits are well proven by many through experiences. From just being an expectorant to multiple other benefits.

  1.  Healthy Thyroid
  2. Faster Muscle Recovery
  3. Metabolism Boost
  4. Good Digestion
  5. Weight Management
  6. Stronger Immune System

Healthy Thyroid

As we all know, sea moss, in general, is iodine-containing. Yes, a lot of iodine. Iodine is helpful to the thyroid. It helps in the production of T3 and T4 which are basically the primary secondary messengers for muscle coordination and movement, and mental health.

Faster Muscle Recovery

In case you haven’t discovered it yet, sea moss is packed with micronutrients essential to the daily function of the body. Several causes of muscle pain are due to the increase in the production of lactate acid in the body. With proper nutrients, lactate acid can be broken down properly.

Healthy Skin

Aside from being just iodine-containing, sea moss is also filled with natural collagen which aids the repair of our skin and connective tissue. Did you know that Collagen is the secret to making us look wrinkle-free? Now you know, tap out that cart.

Metabolism Boost

A healthy thyroid and better metabolic function from getting the necessary nutrient can help the overall metabolic rate. This is how sea moss boosts our metabolism. It gives us what we need to function well.

Good Digestion

Not only is sea moss collagen-rich and iodine-containing, but it is also fiber-rich. There are around 10g of fibers per 100g of sea moss. Our colons will surely love these benefits.

Weight Management

Yes, sea moss helps us manage our weight. Through its nutrients, with metabolism boost and better thyroid, our system processes efficiency. There are no excess fats and glucose in the body. It can be claimed that Irish sea moss is the best vegan protein powder for weight loss.

Stronger Immune System

Sea moss also has all the good anti- in its property. That is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and antimicrobial. With this, we can have a better immune system.

Dr. Sebi shared that sea moss is very helpful for intra-cellular cleansing. It is not just the colon but even our cells are revitalized!

Did you know that there is still more to consider when getting a sea moss?

Wildcrafted vs Pool Grown

You should know if your sea moss is wildcrafted or pool grown before buying them.

Wildcrafted are those that are grown in the sea or ocean. They are using a natural way for growing sea moss.

While pool-grown sea moss is more controlled and can be synthetic. They are grown in a large pool, like how our swimming pools look, with a controlled environment and chemicals to provide an enhanced living condition. This is like GMOs on plants.

If I may, wildcrafted are still better than pool grown because it is natural. It maintains the original property of sea moss. That’s why when buying, get those that say wild-crafted.

Sun Dehydrated vs. Baked

Another category to consider if it is baked or naturally dehydrated, at most sun-dried.

Baking sea moss can force its properties to degrade and be D-carrageenan. You can check out this link to know more about it, but degraded carrageenan and poligeenan are harmful to the body and maybe tumorigenesis.

With that, we should buy the sun-dried- naturally dehydrated- sea moss product. You can be assured that naturally dehydrated products can retain their nutrients.

The only sun dehydrated and wildcrafted sea moss can be labeled as nutrient-dense superfoods.

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Powdered vs Gel

 We can buy both powdered or gel forms of sea moss in the market. Irish sea moss powder is a popular form because it is often used in households. It can be added as a food additive. Sea moss powder can be turned into capsules. Irish sea moss powder is easy to make and measure, that is why it is quite popular.

There is nothing wrong with buying powdered Irish sea moss as long as we buy the naturally dried and powdered ones. Don’t get the synthetic version because it may contain other chemicals that are harmful to the body.

So far, people buying whole food sea moss have good ratings for it. Even the vegan community approves sea moss for their diet.

While gels are mostly used for topical purposes. Many people use this as a face mask and hydrating gel. Other uses of gel are jam-base, sauce-base, and even smoothies.


There are two types of Irish sea moss in the market: the Irish sea moss and the Jamaican Sea moss. Purple Sea moss is not always an Irish sea moss. What we need to look at when buying is not the color, because each sea moss has its own wide array of colors, instead look at the leaves. Fan-like means Irish sea moss, blade-like means Jamaican sea moss.

Always choose natural, naturally crafted, naturally prepared, naturally packaged. So we can get the most out of all the benefits of sea moss.

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