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7 True Earth Health Products: Your Best Instant Nutritious Meal

7 True Earth Health Products: Your Best Instant Nutritious Meal

There are many things for us to come to terms with natural healthy foods. It is either we are trying to shift to a healthier diet, a religious need, or maybe a medical need. With the advent of fast food and convenience store foods, eating healthy has become a category of choice. 

Before the rise of fast-food chains in the world, people are used to eating at home. And we can assume that eating at home is eating healthy and natural food. Food prepared at home is usually prepared with natural ingredients brought not so much longer than the time it is cooked. Home-cooked foods are made up of true earth health products. 

Home-cooked foods are the original people’s meals but it slowly declined in the mid 20th century when people slowly made pre-packaged or preserved food for practical reasons like war rations. With the rise of industrialization, more and more people spend less and less time at home. Everything became more fast-paced. 

Fast Food History

There are many stories about how fast food came to be. You might have stumbled in an episode of history 101 on Netflix about fast food in your course of figuring out how fast food came to be.

Whatever the timeline is, one thing is true. The idea of fast food developed to cope with the demand of the market for faster food service. With the modernization, time is something monetized, and waiting for gourmet foods has become a luxury.

What is more amazing about fast food is that it knows its consumer more than the consumer can know themselves. Literally. Fast food can cope with the ever-changing demands of the market easily. The consumer required cheaper food, they serve affordable meals. The trend demands healthier options, they provide meatless or healthier foods. Some even claim to use true earth health products.

A good part of the apple industry’s income was actually because people want something healthier- and fast foods comply. 

But no matter how tempting the fast food industry is to everyone, the trend of foods is ever-changing. One moment it can demand fast foods, the next moment gourmet. One moment the trend can go from convenience to healthy. 

Going Natural

In the current trend, it is observed that more and more people are striving to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Maybe because of the pressure of the pandemic, people are becoming more health-conscious. 

The food choices are becoming more responsible. Aside from the fight to save the environment, people are going into more natural foods. 

Several diets are entering the trend including 

  1. wholefoods diet, 
  2. keto diet,
  3. and vegan diet 

among the many others. 

Wholefoods Diet

The whole food diet is a general name for the diet people take who only eats whole foods. These are foods that are not processed, non-GMO, and at most in their whole state. They prefer whole grains rather than refined grains. There is also a strong preference for fruits and vegetables at the food basic state. [1] True earth health products are popular in this diet category. 

There are many listed benefits of eating whole foods but there 3 are the most basic. 

  1. Complete nutrients
  2. Fiber-rich
  3. Antioxidant-rich

Several stores are adding more whole food options as the growing demand starts increasing. Sea moss has also entered the list of many whole foods advocates because of its benefits. Eating sea moss requires little preparation. Plus it is tasty by itself. The growing market for it has been noted. 

Keto Diet

The Keto diet has taken a chunk of the market because of its weight loss benefits. The majority of keto practitioners are because they want to lose weight. But besides losing weight, the keto diet is also beneficial for people with diabetes. Some health benefits of the keto diet include better health and a lower risk of developing neurologic diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. 

The Keto diet cuts carbohydrates in the diet. It is more carb sensitive than calorie sensitive. It is a low carb- high fat diet. Keto diet is a lifestyle and should be maintained if we want to achieve the best out of it. [2] Aside from protein, keto foods include true earth health products.

Some benefits of keto include: 

  1. Healthier heart 
  2. Brain support
  3. Neural health

Vegan Diet 

Another more widespread diet is the vegan diet. A vegan diet can root from either environmental99, religious, or health reasons. 


People are gaining more awareness about eating. With the extreme gas waste contribution of meat agriculture, vegan people are choosing a more environmentally friendly option which is non-animal foods. 

Anything from animals is not included in their diet. This extends to their lifestyle choices like clothes and shoes


Some people are clinically diagnosed to have limited to no protein in their diet because it can cause metabolic acidosis. This is why people opt to have a vegan diet.

Another option is for blood sugar and cholesterol regulation. More true earth health products like whole foods and sea moss can help regulate blood. Because less fatty foods and fewer dairy foods can be helpful in processing minerals necessary for body absorption. 

  1. Slimmer waist
  2. Regulated blood sugar levels
  3. Better insulin response
  4. Healthier heart

Although there are consequences for not having meat in the diet such as nutrient deficiencies it can easily be remedied by vitamin and mineral supplements or cooking techniques like using cast irons. [3]

True Earth Health Products

We keep on mentioning “true earth health products” throughout the article but what do we mean by this? 

True earth health products are those unprocessed and at most at their basic state. These foods are non-GMO and very much gluten-free.

By eating these foods not only can the body lose weight but also gain tons of benefits like 

  1. Better health health
  2. Better metabolism
  3. Regulated blood sugar level
  4. Fiber-rich meals
  5. Nutrient filled foods,

among the hundreds of benefits healthy food can provide the body. 

True earth health products are also easy to make and prepare which can easily answer the demand for a shorter period. They are very versatile to use too. 

These products are 


Berries are full of antioxidants that protect the body from free radical build-up. 

2.Leafy Greens

Aside from being rich in fiber and nutrients, these greens are rich in anti-inflammatory properties from carotenoids which can lower tumorigenic risk. 


Legumes are very helpful for people with diabetes 2. It is rich in micronutrients like zinc and minerals. Vitamin B is also rich in legumes. 


Nuts are the best source of proteins for vegan diets. It is rich in vegetarian protein and fiber. Nuts are especially helpful for heart health.


Like berries, ginger is also full of antioxidants. Ginger’s gingerol is a natural antioxidant. Ginger also has an effective anti-inflammatory effect. 


Garlic is not just any herbs, it is packed with manganese, fiber, vitamins C and B, and selenium. Garlic is good for the regulation of blood pressure and blood cholesterol. 

7.Sea Moss

Sea moss is an emerging superfood. It is packed with folate, vitamin K, iodine, and fiber among the hundreds of vitamins and minerals it contains. Sea moss is especially good for metabolism and the thyroid gland. 


The fast-food era came because people did not have enough time to make their meals. But with true earth health products, a good and healthy meal is just a few minutes to make. We do not have to suffer anymore from the calorie-loaded preserved food. 

Grab and pre-prepare these true earth health products, and have a heartful meal every time.

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