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An Amazing Way To Stay Healthy: 10 Green Superfood Powder

An Amazing Way To Stay Healthy: 10 Green Superfood Powder

Green Superfood Powder

Green superfood powder has been gaining significance in our diet because of the pressure to stay healthy.   It is a thing lately for people to find food supplements to aid their daily diets. Most of our days are pretty much packed with important things that we need to do, that planting or even just cooking a full healthy meal is already a job.

Who has the time to be like a dietitian every day anyway? Except, well you are one. But, yes, preparing a full complete meal can be strenuous for most of us. Imagine having to think of what vegetable has the necessary nutrients the body needs or how much can be eaten. Simply mind taxing.

Thus, the rise of green superfood powder. A green superfood powder is a natural food supplement. We can dissect the meaning carefully. Natural. Food Supplement.


A healthy green superfood powder is natural. Commonly used methods are:


Means dehydration through the sun. We allow the sun to work on our food through evaporation. It removes the water content from our food so that our foods can have a longer shelf life. 

2.Freeze Dried

Freeze drying is a newer technique in dehydration. Freeze drying freezes the food, icing the water molecules in the food. Then, the evaporation step follows. Like how dehydration usually happens, evaporation removes the water molecules from the food.

These two can preserve the nutrients of the food with little risk of food undergoing chemical changes. This is a natural and healthy way to make green superfood powder as compared to baking which can burn or cook our food and may alter the nutrients it contains. Additional Information here.

Food Supplement

Although we have the pressure of meeting our daily nutritional needs but still lack the time to intently make our food, green superfood powder is never an alternative to actual food. Rather, green superfood powder is a supplement to our daily foods. 

Food supplements are meant to just supplement the diet [1] for the body to receive its necessary daily nutrient requirement. Food supplements are usually concentrated powder or extract that contains the nutrients the food has. We should not confuse food supplements with medicine that can treat illnesses. 


Aside from food supplements, of course, we have to be conscious of what we also eat. Eating legit and proper food is still a priority than buying or making any food supplements. The trick is we have to know which food mixes can give us the best results with minimal effort.

The answer to that? Superfoods. The term superfood is just a marketing term that defines a food with a huge amount of nutrients. Superfoods are our answer to staying healthy without the hassle of thinking so much of the mixes. Superfoods are the actual food before they are made into green superfood powder. But superfoods are not just limited to green leafy vegetables. Surely they are plants or plant-like but most superfoods contain almost all the essential nutrients the body needs daily. 

An example is sea moss [2], which is growing in popularity lately because of its unbelievable benefits to the body- In and Out. Superfoods are our daily companion to our road to wellness. 

Sea Moss

Sea moss has been labeled as a superfood because of its limitless benefits. It is not just good for the brain, but also the heart, thyroid, blood, and even the metabolism. It is great for muscle mass maintenance and building. It is also great if you have a fatty gut because it can regulate the fat cells with its fucoxanthin molecules. 

Undoubtedly, sea moss can also improve our hair and skin. It can make the hair stronger and more elastic [3]. While its antibacterial properties and a good amount of vitamin C can help clear out the skin from dirt, and promote more nutrient absorption. [3]

Like almost all of the superfoods, it is also easy to prepare and has a long shelf life. A perfect way for busy people to have the nutrients we need. 

Green Leafy Vegetable

There are so many other superfoods in the world that we can choose from. The majority of these superfoods are plants, like these green leafy vegetables we listed here. 

Green Superfoods

  1. Kale
  2. Beet greens
  3. Spinach
  4. Collard greens
  5. Watercress
  6. Romaine lettuce
  7. Swiss chard
  8. Arugula
  9. Endive
  10. Bok choy

These 10 green leafy greens are the best natural ingredients to make a green superfood powder. These 10 are the top nutritious green vegetables in the world. [4] They are rich in dietary fibers and proteins. Almost all of them contain the micronutrients the body requires every day like iron, iodine, sodium, potassium, selenium. They are also rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K. 

These are just a few of the things we can get from these green wonders. Making them into a green superfood powder can also provide our bodies with the nutrients it contains. Although some quantities may change. at most, if the process is right, the quality will be the same. 

but sometimes no matter how much we want to eat these amazing superfoods, we just can’t find enough time to choose and prepare them. Plus, we can’t just feast on sea moss alone, we need to pair it with something right. And that is the taxing part. And, we all know that you are reading this article because we lack time.

So going back, green superfood powder

How Are They Processed?

Green superfood powder is readily available in the market. It is either in a capsule or in just powdered form. The tricky part of buying is that we have to make sure that what we are buying is authentic and not synthetic so we can get the best nutrients. 

There is also an alternative to make them by ourselves. It is easy to make and usually more sustainable. We can make large batches at one time then store them properly for future uses. 

There are two ways how green superfood powder is made.

  • Dried Then Powdered

After it is dehydrated through sun drying or freeze-drying, our superfoods are now brittle and crispy. It is easy to make into powder. Storing it in an airtight container can ensure longer shelf life. 

  • Juiced Then Powdered

Another option is juicing it first then let it evaporate until what is left is the powder. We can also use a freeze-drying method in drying juiced superfoods.

In The End.

What we eat we become. We need to be wise in the foods that we eat. Just a precaution, green superfood powder is not an alternative to real food but simply a food supplement. We need solid foods because our stomach is highly acidic and not having anything to digest may cause ulcers. Food supplements are there to make up for the lack of nutrients but are never an alternative to real food.

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