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Is Eating Nutrient-dense Superfoods Enough? A Healthier Life After Answering These 4 Questions

Is Eating Nutrient-dense Superfoods Enough? A Healthier Life After Answering These 4 Questions

Nutrient-dense Superfoods Enough? There are a million uncertainties in our lives right now, but one thing is for sure, we need to keep healthy. During this time, we cannot afford to get sick. We have to choose to have a better lifestyle to avoid getting sick because getting sick adds to our already experienced uncertainties. 

Healthy Living

Drama aside, what do we mean by healthy living? Many people brush off the thought of healthy living because the primary idea with healthy living is a vegan diet. A vegan diet is a lifestyle that is basically not using any animal commodity. It can be associated with a plant-based diet. 

But “healthy living” is not about forgoing animal-source protein but instead choosing the right set of foods. It is getting more nutrient-dense superfoods. When we go into a healthier lifestyle, it is beyond just calorie counting or food budgeting too. If you may, it also includes being physically active. 

Living Healthy Is Choosing

Choosing the right amount, deciding what type of food we eat, choosing when to eat.

But the very step to healthy living is to evaluate your current lifestyle. The simplest is asking these: 

  1. Are you taking enough calories per day for your body, or are you taking too much?
  2. What type of good is taking much of your calorie counter? 
  3. Are you active enough?
  4. Does your body get the right amount of nutrients it needs daily?

These questions are basic but visiting a good dietician is very helpful too. It is way better than just doing a self-evaluation. But to kick start your lifestyle change, answering these questions can get you started. 

What Does It Take To Be Healthy?

To be healthy is not to be size 0. Quoting WHO, to be healthy is a state of

“complete physical, mental, and social well-being – and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Going back to the questions, let’s expound more on them because we want to get a more comprehensive evaluation. 

Are You Taking Enough Calories Per Day For Your Body Or Are you Taking Too Much?

There is no universal weight for everyone. Each of us has specific criteria to match how many calories we should take. The most common basis are:

  1. Height And Weight
  2. Metabolism
  3. Daily Activity

Two persons of the same height and weight may not necessarily have the exact similar calorie intake requirement. 

If one is more active than the other, a higher calorie intake is required.

One effective weight loss technique is actually calorie counting. Consequently, overeating may lead to weight gain. It may later lead to obesity, which is harder to manage because of its comorbidity. 

What Type Of Food Is Taking Much Of Your Calorie Counter? 

The next question you should ask the type of food you are taking. You may have met your caloric need, but the quality is not beneficial to your body. In many cases, it can be too greasy or too starchy. 

This is where you have to be more woke about what food you are eating. Are you overeating carbohydrates than protein? Is oil taking more numbers on your counter than other food?

These are just some of the things you can ask. 

The best formula for a healthy meal is 

25%: Starch

25%: Protein

50%: Vegetables

If you are consuming beyond these numbers, you may need to adjust your diet. 

Are You Active Enough?

Another question that we are scared of answering. Are we active enough? 

This does not mean that you go about being athletic. Being active can be as simple as getting up and walking a few steps daily. 

Being too inactive can be harmful to your muscles. 

For example, being more active, athletes can consume more calories than sedentary people because they burn more calories. More movements mean faster burning of carbs in the body that is why they have more calories. 

Does Your Body Get The Right Amount Of Nutrients It Needs Daily?

At different stages of our life, we will have different nutritional needs. You may check here for more info. 

One thing is for sure is that eating nutrient-dense superfoods is more beneficial than just eating anything. 

When we eat, we should be conscious of what we are eating has the required nutrients we need daily and not just if we are getting enough calories. 

If you are conscious enough, you may actually realize that eating nutrient-dense superfoods is more satisfying than eating junk food. You can get satiated faster with nutrient-dense superfoods than eating oily food. Plus, nutrient-dense superfoods make us feel full for a more extended time than eating unhealthy foods. 

What Foods Should You Take? 

With all the statements we have been making, yes, you are right. We should take more nutrient-dense superfoods. Eating superfoods is like a cheat to your daily nutritional requirement because most nutrient-dense superfoods are very low in calories but very high in nutrients.

One popular nutrient-dense superfood is sea moss. 

It has gathered more hype these days because more and more people are trying it out that they discovered that sea moss is actually very nutrient-dense. 

It is a low energy-dense food, which makes it a great go-to snack at any time of the day.

One fantastic thing about sea moss is that sea moss is found to have 92 of the 102 trace minerals required by the body. What a hack, right? You don’t have to overthink what you should eat every day to meet your daily requirement. 

Sea Moss

If you want to know more about sea moss, you can read more here. 

Sea moss is excellent for the heart, the thyroid, the brain, and even skin and hair. 

You may be hesitant to eat sea moss by itself because of the smell. You can add sea moss to your smoothie. Good preparation for sea moss actually eliminates the strong fishy odor in sea moss. You can check out Earthbal’s shop for the best-wildcrafted sea moss. 

A Lifestyle Or Short-term Goal?

Healthy living is not just a spur of the moment or a diet you can take whenever you feel like it. Healthy living is a lifestyle. As we have mentioned, it is about choosing more nutritious options. 

Living a healthier lifestyle may need some lifestyle changes, but it will surely pay you back ten-fold. Not only will you be in your best state, but you can live a better life. 

Are you ready to take the healthy living challenge?

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