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How To Use Irish Moss Powder? Best Smoothie Experience!

How to use irish moss powder

How To Use Irish Moss Powder? Best Smoothie Experience!

How to use Irish moss powder


Health has been a primary concern of many these days. There are many approaches to more sustainable eating like going vegan or pursuing whole only. Some may also consider a diet shift with weight loss goals. Some people would opt for a ketogenic diet or some calorie counting.

Benefits of Healthy Diet

There is no question that a healthy diet has a great effect on the body. A healthy diet will not only allow your body to have an optimized function, it can also help it to function in its best state without any detrimental effects. 


Many health advocates also include detox in their goal for healthier living. Detoxing regularly through a healthier lifestyle and food choice. This is including being more active and less sedentary. Food choice should also be more or less natural and fresh. 

Benefits of Detox

Getting a detox from time to time helps maintain the body’s health. It can boost your metabolism and immune system. These two are the primary drivers of a  healthy life. What more, detox can help you become more alert. It also slows down the aging of the body because the cells are revitalized. 

But Wait!

While several people are trying to live a healthy life, it has become a struggle for many. It is easier to get fast Food than preparing a hearty breakfast. Sometimes people would opt to skip because of time constrain. 

Although everyone wants a healthy life, some just do not have the time to prepare. This is why we found that smoothies have been popular these days. 


Making smoothies is so basic that it would not take more than 10 minutes to make. Plus it is packed with vitamins and nutrients from its natural ingredients. It is a healthy drink for everyone. 

What’s more, a smoothie is so filling that it is the best to-go breakfast for many people, especially students and working people. 

A smoothie is also used by many during exercise because juicing something makes it faster to digest and faster to digest. 

A smoothie is so easy to make that even a grade-schooler can make it.

Benefit Of A Smoothie

Drinking Smoothie also has many benefits like the listed:

  1. Easy digestion
  2. Easy to make
  3. Vitamin and mineral-rich
  4. Helps control craving
  5. Helps in weight loss
  6. Helps make you feel satiated 
  7. Hydrates the body naturally

Before we get into action, why don’t we differentiate a smoothie from a Shake first?

Shake Vs. Smoothie

While these two look rather similar, their texture actually varies. The taste is also more distinguishable. Another thing is the ingredients used in making them.[1]


Of all the shakes available in the world, the basic description of a shake is it is creamy and milky. Shake uses cream as its base. Usually, shakes have a thick texture because of the dairy ingredients. Flavors of shakes are also more tailored for sweet-tooths. It is sweeter and uses flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and caramel. 

Shake is a good post-workout drink because it helps the body replenish its lost glucose and at the same time refreshes the body because of its cool temperature. 


A smoothie is healthier in a sense because it uses fresh fruits and vegetables as its main ingredients. It is easier to make because most of its ingredients are easy to prepare. It only needs frozen fruits and some liquid to go with the solids. 

Smoothies are the best pre-workout because it is packed with vitamins and minerals that can help the muscles to efficiently work. Smoothies are also recommended breakfast substitute because it is easy to make and its nutrients can equate to almost a complete meal. That is without the calorie of a whole meal. 

Perfect Ratio

Now that we know that smoothies are basically a healthy drink, we can now get into action. 

Are you ready to make your own smoothie? 

We will let you in a little secret for you to make the best smoothie. The perfect ratio to have that tasty smoothie is following a 2:1 ratio. [2][3]

2 for solids 

1 for liquid

But that is not just it, after adding the 2:1 ingredients, add the secret ingredient. 


Sea Moss Gel

2-4 tbsp of sea moss gel is usually added to the smoothie mix to give it a good thick texture which is more appetizing than just drinking a juice like a smoothie. 

Sea Moss

In addition, adding sea moss to the recipe (another secret we will share with you. wink* wink*) can also add nutrients. 

Sea moss is brimming with nutrients and minerals that are essential to the body. 

How To Use Irish Moss Powder

Although the best sea moss gel to use in smoothies are those that are made from wildcrafted and naturally dried sea moss, powdered sea moss can also work. 

How to use Irish moss powder? That is easy, you need to mix the powder to the desired amount of water. Boiling it helps thicken the compound. 

But you have to be careful. Only use sea moss powder from a natural source. Never use synthetic sea moss because it can be dangerous to health. 

Time For A Smoothie!

What you need: 

  1. Fruit and vegetable of choice
  2. Blender
  3. Liquid of choice. We discourage using ice as it can dilute the delectable taste of your smoothie. 
    1. Milk
      1. Almond
      2. Coconut
      3. Soy
    2. Juices
      1. Orange
      2. Pineapple
      3. Apple
      4. Cucumber
      5. coconut
  4. Sea moss gel

Once you have these basics, let’s get the mixing going:

What you need: 

  • 1 Cup of Liquid Ingredient
  • 2 Cups of Fruits of Choice
  • 2-4 Tbsp Sea moss Gel

You can also add the following:

  • Yogurt
  • Chia Pudding
  • Whey or other protein powders
  • Herbs and Leafy Greens


1. Bring together all the ingredients.

Prepare and measure properly to get the best smoothie experience. Remember~ the perfect ratio is  2 is to 1. Fruits are best used for smoothies when it’s frozen too!

You can add the sea moss gel to this part to achieve that thick consistency.

2. Time to blend smooth the smoothie

Pulse the blender until you get that semi-smooth smoothie or until you achieve your desired consistency. 

Sea moss will help make that shake-like-thick- texture. 

3. Consume

Smoothies are best served cold. This is why you should serve your smoothie immediately.

There are an estimated 85 calories per glass of smoothie made. You may also visit this site for more tips on making smoothies. 


Smoothies are the best solution for people who lacks time but wants to take the healthier route. Smoothies are easy to digest and nutrient-filled which is very helpful for the body. Never miss out on breakfast again when you know how to make a smoothie. Be satiated and at the same time lose weight. Isn’t that great?

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